Hillside Inside 2014

February 7 - 9

Young Lions

Young Lions

Kelly Steadman is a graduate of Ryerson University’s B.F.A. program in Dance and Theatre Studies. Currently she is an active member of the Dancetheatre David Earle community and a dance educator at the Guelph Youth Dance Training Program.  Since 2007, Kelly has worked independently with various professional choreographers, and has created works for local dance students. She is also a founding member of Fall On Your Feet Movement Collective, which explored movement improvisation.

 5 youths brave bailing on their responsibilities in exchange for the bonding adventure of a lifetime!

 Young Lions steals its name from the song title by Guelph’s own Constantines. It is a fist-pumping rock anthem that evokes a sense of youthfulness; the soundtrack for a slightly daring adventure. The dance piece seeks to do the same.  Aggressive and playful interdependent movements collide to create a picture of the charged emotion that shapes everlasting memories of friendship. 

Performance Schedule

  • Friday, February 7th at 7:30pm

    River Run Centre