Hillside Inside 2014

February 7 - 9

beau is a group of young friends with old souls. Their music is honest, built layer by layer to create soundscapes that unfold with new meaning upon each listen. The sultry tones of exquisite vocalists Ruby Randall and Anna Horvath (First Rate People) compliment each other through silky melodies and soaring harmonies. Rhythmically, smooth bass lines align with groovy drum beats, providing a deep underlying pulse. Sparkling keyboard progressions are soaked in organ tones, and delicately infer ambiance to their atmospheric instrumentals. beau’s inspiration comes from the heart, singing songs about nature, love, and connection.

The band, previously known as Ruby Randall, released Until the Dust Settles EP in 2011. German music Blog Der Impuls touted the EP’s “indescribable charm.” In summer 2013, the band played NXNE and Toronto Pride festivals. In the upcoming year, beau plans to write and record material for their debut album.

beau will perform as part of our Girls & Guitars series downtown Guelph on Saturday, February 8th. They will perform at noon in the storefront of Budds (111 Wyndham Street, North).