Hillside Summer Festival 2018

July 13 - 15

Crown Lands

Crown Lands

Blistering guitars, pummeling drums and dramatic vocals... Kevin Comeau and Cody Bowles aim to bring classic psych-rock into the modern musical landscape while serving up an intoxicating blend of crunchy blues rock riffs and howling vocals. Winners of the 2017 97.7 HTZ FM Rocksearch, Crown Lands have been quick to establish themselves as the most exciting band to come out of Ontario.  With a sound rooted in the blues, Crown Lands bring a unique, innovative sound influenced by the Prog-Rock masters of yesteryear.

They are known for their highly energetic live show and incredibly full sound, owed to their exhaustive multi-tasking. Cody Bowles drums and sings, while Kevin Comeau plays guitar and manages to play keyboards with his feet.

With their sophomore EP, Rise over Run, released September 8th 2017, Crown Lands have returned with a record that feels like flipping through crates of used vinyl on a Sunday afternoon when you accidentally stumble upon something that is truly great.  There is an element to Rise Over Run that already feels classic, making it among the best rock records of the year.

With a bright future ahead, Crown Lands have already received attention from influential Industry pundits, such as Alan Cross, who predicts:
“If you haven’t heard of Crown Lands, you will."

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Performance Schedule

  • Sunday, July 15th at 5:55pm

    Lake Stage
  • Sunday, July 15th at 10:15pm

    Lake Stage