Hillside Summer Festival 2017

July 14 – 16

Food Bazaar

We take our food seriously. We purposely pick our vendors to suit a wide variety of tastes and appetites, and do our best to include options that are vegetarian, vegan, organic, gluten-free, and fair trade.  Below is everyone who is coming out to serve their delicious dishes in 2017.  How many will you try over the weekend? Be sure to grab a program on the island to preview their menus!

Belvedere Bistro

Bluewater Creamery


Detour Coffee

Diwa Classice Indian Cuisine

Fine Grinds Coffee

Flying Chestnut Kitchen

Heirloom Food Truck

Laza Catering

Lemongrass Thai Food

Studds N Spuds 

Mapleton Organic Dairy

Natures Nurturing

Rodolfo's Rebel Foods

Rotimon ‚Äč

The Greek Wagon

The Pop Stand

The Portobello Burger

The Sausage Brothers

The Wafel Bar Inc