Hillside Inside 2014

February 7 – 9

Food and Drink

Beer, cider, and wine will be for sale on the ground floor of St. George's Church, thanks to Wellington Brewery, Pommies, and Coyote's Run.

We will be serving Wellington Brewery's SPA and Trailhead, and Coyote's Run 2012 Five Mile Red and White Win

Additionally, the following menu will be for sale in the St.George's kitchen over the weekend thanks to Green Table Foods :

  • Planet Bean Coffee $2.50
  • Juices $2
  • Baked items (GF available, Chocolate, Whole-Grain) $2 - $3
  • 100-Mile Veggie Sandwich (Vegan, Organic, GF available) $6
  • Spiced Crispy Chickpeas $3

We will be licensing the downtown Planet Bean on February 8th and serving specialty coffees, as well as beer, cider, and wine at our evening Music and Lit event!

Check out the Downtown Guelph guide for a full listing of all the wonderful restaurants the city has to offer.