‚ÄčThe Hillside Community Festival of Guelph is looking for a student to work full-time from May 7 to July 20, 2018.

Job:  Event and Marketing Coordinator

Hourly wage:  $14.00

Our ideal summer student is an organized problem-solver who keeps track of everything, doesn’t lose things, writes really well, is adept at social media, can coordinate a marketing campaign, can handle a cash register and counting money, and is open, warm, and kind with our people.  We would be particularly happy to get a flexible and resourceful self-starter.

Requirements:  Applicants must be Canadian residents between 15 and 30 years of age who are registered as full-time students and signed up for full-time studies in the fall.


We will need a student to participate in the varied and often hectic aspects of event planning.  Tasks:  provide customer service to patrons, volunteers, vendors, performers, etc.  Gather & disseminate information from front-desk emails, phone calls, & patron queries.  Help shape and implement the marketing campaign, working in tandem with the Marketing Manager.  Provide administrative support to Marketing Manager, Operations Manager, Volunteer Program Manager, Bookkeeper & Executive Director.  Update website and social media.  Take lead on VIP & sponsor invitations & create gate books.  Manage office volunteers.  Assist in the creation and management of souvenir festival merchandise.  Assist in creation of tourist information for website. Manage the parking passes, including Accessible ones, and create a gate list.  Handle the cash register, count money, and reconcile at the end of every day. Troubleshoot at the festival in a variety of areas, including merchandise, accessibility, parking and hospitality.  Participate in all relevant pre-festival and post-festival meetings, write post-festival reports on summer student work and parking and assist in writing reports on promotion.

Environment and Training:

The main floor and working area of our festival is accessible via a front entrance ramp.  We also have an accessible washroom.  Our festival office is small, which will allow the student to communicate directly and regularly with the Marketing Manager, Operations Manager, Volunteer Program Manager, and Executive Director.  The student will report directly to the Marketing Manager and Operations Manager, who, in turn, report to the Executive Director. Staff meetings occur on a bi-weekly to weekly basis where we update each other, solve problems, brainstorm and recommend courses of action.  On the 3-day festival weekend, the student will continue to report to the Operations & Marketing Managers and will be given scheduled shifts, mostly in the Calm Zone.  There will be staff check-ins during the weekend. The student will be given a 2-way radio through which s/he may contact staff. 

The student will be given hands-on orientation and training, clear projects, task lists and timelines, a job description, professional development opportunities, evaluations at one month and post-festival, tours of the office, computer system, storage units and festival site.  The student may create his/her own work plan in consultation with the supervisory managers and will be encouraged, whenever possible, to work on projects that intrigue them. They will attend organizer and coordinator meetings, many of which are scheduled in the evenings.

This position would particularly suit students who are studying or interested in the following fields:

Cultural management & arts administration:  management and support of over 60 music groups, including credentials, parking, shuttle buses, accommodation, media and hospitality.

Marketing and Public relations:  website updating, social networking, poster distribution, promotional campaign, press releases, surveys of patrons, volunteers and vendors, customer relations, merchandise.

Event planning:  planning of a signature tourist and community event.  Selling tickets, getting sponsors and grants, creating good traffic flow and hospitality services.

Not-for-profit and volunteer management:  operations, administration and community relations.

Please send resume, cover letter and references by May 2nd to

Marie Zimmerman, Executive Director:  [email protected]

Hillside Festival
341 Woolwich Street
Guelph, ON
N1H 3W4

All applications must be received by 5:00 p.m. Wednesday May 2nd.  This position starts on May 7, 2018.