Hillside Festival 2019

July 12 – 14

Drum and Dance

Photo by Vanessa Tignaneli

Bring your own drum or borrow one of ours to learn some great beats, and get your feet ready to experience some world dance flavours on the grass.

A Hillside Welcome
Funga Drummers
Fri 4:30 PM Causeway
Funga means welcome. Join the explosion of sound on the causeway as we welcome you to make your way from your everyday life into the Hillside experience. The vibrations of Guelph’s Funga Drummers will awaken your Hillside spirit and get you moving to the heartbeat of the festival.

Dance in Circles
Erin McLaughlin

Fri 8 PM
This fun, creative, and slightly silly workshop will get your bodies moving and your imagination flowing. It is designed to give you the opportunity to explore how to use a hula hoop in ways that do not involve technical tricks. Instead, we will focus on how we can bring elements of dance and play into hooping. No experience necessary. If you own a hoop, please bring it!

Ceilidh Dance
Guelph Celtic Orchestra

Ceilidh Band
Sat 11 AM Main Stage

Wake up to a participatory dance set to a unique blend of traditional Celtic music. You will be walked through the dance steps by an experienced caller and then put the moves to lively jigs and reels! No experience necessary.

Kat van Groove teaches Cajonga
Kat van Groove

What do you get when you cross a Cajon with a Conga? An inspired wooden hybrid drum called a Cajonga! Join Kat van Groove as she teaches you to play the Cajonga. You’ll learn vibrant rhythms made up of satisfying warm tones and energetic bright slaps. Cajonga-builder Miles Toomer of Timbre Box Drums provides Cajonga drums.

A Winter Summer Salsa
Amanda Winter
Sat 1 PM

Invigorate your mind, body, and soul through dance. Salsa music and dancing originated through Afro Cuban beats and movement. Learn basic salsa steps and shines: let your mind open, your body move, and your soul come alive. Just try to stop moving once the rhythm takes you. No partner necessary!

Creative Expression
Jean Assamoa
Sat 2 pm

Creative Expression is a drumming program that exposes participants to the historic development of African music, instruments, and song. You will receive an introduction to music concepts, African percussion, and the rhythms through the three basics: bass, ton, and slap. At the end, we will perform a piece developed for you by Jean to showcase your accomplishments.

Bollywood Basics
Siyobin Blanco
Sat 3 PM
Learn the basics of this fun, theatrical fusion of Indian classical dances, jazz, hip-hop, and more! It’s a true East-meets-West dance form that is fun, uplifting, and easy to learn! We will learn basic moves and play dance games to solidify them and then learn a short choreography to a popular Bollywood song.

Hand DrumsTools & Techniques
Tom Wolf
Sat 4 PM
Tom will show you how to get the best sound out of your drum and hands, and build strength and endurance to maximize enjoyment and relaxation at the same time. Tom will present a series of exercises designed to work with the drummer’s capabilities, which he’ll also give you as a hand-out to take home.

Everybody Can Dance
Hilda Nouri
Sat 5 PM

Discover your inner dancer and explore movement, rhythm, and interaction with others through dance. Let your body feel the beat, lose yourself to the music, and discover how your body can move. We will explore several different types of movement and improvise and learn a simple choreography. All ages and levels of experience welcome.

Frank Norquay
Sat 6 PM

We will take a deep dive into the traditional music of the djembe and dununs from Guinea, West Africa. The Kassa family of rhythms are harvest dances that are played to support farmers working the fields. Get ready to pick up some rudimentary techniques as we explore a Kassa variation, with song and solos and maybe even a unique arrangement.

Sonic Yoga: A Movement and Sound Experience
Drez Slezak & Katt Brooks
Sun 11 AM Main Stage
Sonic Yoga is the Ottawa-based yoga-and-sound creation of Katt Brooks and Drez Slezak (also known as DJ ASTRL TRVLR). These two take you on a journey through sound and movement using breath, meditation, flow yoga, sound-healing techniques, and live mixing. The journey is professionally cued to link body, movement, breath, and sound, so participants are encouraged to get lost in the “flow” of their movement and to be creative.

Relational Improvisation with Drums and Percussion
Shara Claire
Sun Noon

We drum with others to feel a sense of connection, but sometimes the magic of community music-making eludes us. This workshop is an introduction to relationship and presence in a group drumming/ percussion experience. We’ll look at the qualities of sensitivity, generosity, initiative, and responsiveness. We’ll also experiment with the practical elements of a good drum jam, exploring what it takes to build a good groove and keep it alive, fresh and dynamic. All levels are welcome.

Mindful Belly Moves
S'ya Bellycian
Sun 1 PM

Imagine a movement workshop where anything from yoga to meditation, from me-time to playtime can happen, all infused with beautiful, flowing belly dance movement. This unique, free-flowing, and belly-dance- infused movement workshop for mind, body, and soul will leave you energized, uplifted, and confident — fully at peace with your body. We will be working with intentions and letting our true selves guide our movements, while experiencing a deep sense of joy, connection, and complete relaxation.

Jembe ABCs with Jamie
Jamie Andrews
Sun 2 PM

For your drumming pleasure, Jamie instructs the inner construct of the exciting Malinkè rhythm “Djagbè.” Together we will learn the three different sounds of a jembe. Utilizing these three simple sounds, we will assemble the three accompaniment rhythms with the “Dun duns” (bass drums), and insert a drum ensemble piece known as a break and a quick solo. This workshop is easy for new rhythm makers and engaging to those with experience.

Straight Groovin': How To Put Funk Where It Isn't
Shawna Farenick
Sun 3 PM

Daily grind got you down? Feeling low and slow? Got no tempo? Let Sweet Mama Funk show you how to harness the restorative power of funk. Loosen up with funky fresh moves and grooves to connect to the funk within you. Part dance workshop, part lifestyle choice, it will be the funk, the whole funk, and nothing but the funk. There is funk in everyone — let’s let it out all hang out together. All ages and skill levels encouraged.

Shamanic Drumming
David Aubrey Berger
Sun 4 PM

Drums have been used for millennium for trance, journeying, and inner exploration. Learn about and try out rhythms that blend the inner and the outer world. Explore some of those rhythms and develop some of the skills to help facilitate a guided drum journey.

The Groove-Conscious Dance
Shannon Grooves
Sun 5 PM

What dance is for the body, groove extends to the soul. There’s no choreography, no front or back, no left or right, and no judgment. Super-simple steps coach you to connect with your body and unite in rhythm. Instead of following a leader, there’s an invitation to express your authentic self. Feel grounded by the rhythm, playful with partners, and free to boogie down like no one’s watching.

The Magic of the Drum!
Sheila Horrell
Sun 6 PM

​Play world-beat rhythms on authentic instruments and learn how to drum in community to make exciting and powerful rhythms. This is an excellent way to experience and respect diversity, and an opportunity to participate in drumming music from around the world.