We are very lucky to receive donations from these generous individuals, donations that help sustain our creative brainstorming and hard-nosed planning, continue our outreach programs and our songwriting courses, and bolster our resilient spirits.  For their selflessness and benevolence, we are truly grateful.  
To become a donor, please visit  our donation page.

2019-20 Donations:


Ashleigh Benedict McBride

Bled Celhyka

Cameron Toy

Jennifer Gibson

Joan DiFruscia

Joel Citulski

Jon Beharry

Katerina Garcea

Kirsten Gunter

Marion Willms

Matthew Grant

Murray Short

Pam & Ed Beharry

Paul DeMarco

Richard Charity

Rob Whitmore

Ross Durfey

Sandra Evans

Sara Detweiler

Sidney Brodovsky

Stuart Borthwick

Valerie Tih