Guelph Lake Camping

All camping is organized by Guelph Lake Conservation Area staff. Two types are offered over the weekend:

  • Conservation Camping: GRCA campsites that are booked in advance, very limited amount. They begin taking reservations February 28th.  Book your site using their online reservation system here.
  • Festival Camping: These permits are $148 (including HST) per campsite and are good for the entire Hillside weekend (Thursday at 9am to Monday at noon). They are located in Guelph Lake Conservation Area and there is a shuttle bus that will take you to the festival. Specific campsites are not pre-assigned and are purchased upon arrival to the festival. Don't bother calling the 1-877 number to reserve a festival camping site because you can't reserve them.  Never fear: we have unlimited Festival Campsites and will have sites available for you if you arrive any time during the weekend. You can fit 6 people to a site, and are allowed one vehicle.