Guelph Lake Camping

For campsite booking, visit  Grand River Parks Campsite ReservationsA booking opportunity for Hillside Festival weekend camping (July 12 to 14, 2019) at Guelph Lake will be held for regular campsites starting Thursday, February 28, 2019 at 11 a.m. Reservations that day will be taken online only. (this is a day ahead of the official opening of GRCA reservations.) Note: During high demand periods for the online reservation system, users may be placed into a First in, First out virtual queue. They will see their progress in line and estimated waiting time to enter the reservation system. 

All camping is organized by Guelph Lake Conservation Area staff. Two types are offered over the weekend:

  • Conservation Camping: These are traditional campsites (with fire pit and picnic table) clustered in a campground. There are a limited number that are booked in advance. They generally sell out very quickly - see reservation note above.
  • Festival Field Camping: Permits for festival field campsites are good for the entire Hillside weekend (Thursday at 9am to Monday at noon). You can fit 6 people to a site, and are allowed one vehicle. These sites are also located in Guelph Lake Conservation Area and there is a shuttle bus that will take you to the festival. Festival Field Camping has a special section that is quiet and ideal for young families or those who like their rest. You can request to be placed there when you arrive. You can book your festival field campsite in person at the Guelph Lake Conservation Area in the months leading up to the festival. There are a large number of Festival Field Camping sites available and so there will be sites available to purchase upon arrival at the festival.

Camping FAQ

Q: How big are Festival Field Camping sites?
A: These sites are 20ft x 20ft. You are allowed 6 people per site and one car.

Q: We have 6 people on our site and two cars. One car is parking on our site, what do we do with the second?
A: The second car may be parked in the Hillside Festival parking area with the purchase of a weekend parking pass. The parking lot is located directly beside and across from our festival camping.

Q: Is Festival Field Camping appropriate for our family with young kids?
Absolutely! When you arrive, request to be placed in quiet camping. That way your little ones will be well rested to spend their day splashing around in the lake and checking out our Rainbow Stage

Q: How do you get from Festival Field Camping to the festival site?
The festival parking lot is located right next to and across from our Festival Field Camping sites. Our shuttle buses coming from downtown Guelph stop here to pick up patrons who have parked their car or are staying in Festival Camping and take them down to the island. There is also a gorgeous, green pathway you can take from camping to the festival site. It's a 15-minute walk, roughly.

Q: Are there bathrooms and showers available in Festival Field Camping?
Festival Field Camping is equipped with porta-potties. You also have full access to the washrooms and showers that are available to all Guelph Lake campers. Another perk of Festival Field Camping is that we do our best to ensure a coffee/food vendor is open in the morning! The vendor will be in the parking area next to the festival field campsites.

Q: Can we park our RV in Festival Field Camping?
Yes, you definitely can. Unfortunately, there are no hook-ups available and your RV has to fit within the 20ft x 20ft dimensions.

Q: The traditional campsites are sold out and I missed buying my Festival Camping site on February 28th. How do I ensure I get a site?
Guelph Lake Conservation Area has a ton of Festival Camping sites. In fact, they never sell out. If you missed your chance to purchase them online on the 28th, and don't live near Guelph, you may purchase them in person on the day you arrive. Never fear: there will be plenty of festival sites to purchase upon arrival at the festival. We promise!