Guelph Lake Camping

All camping is organized by Guelph Lake Conservation Area staff. Two types are offered over the weekend: 

  • Conservation Camping: GRCA campsites that are booked in advance, very limited amount. Check back in mid-January for the date these sites go on sale. 
  • Festival Camping: these permits are $148 (including HST) per campsite and are good for the entire Hillside weekend (Thursday at 9am to Monday at noon). Specific campsites are not pre-assigned and are purchased upon arrival to the festival. Don't bother calling the 1-877 number to reserve a festival camping site because you can't reserve them.  Never fear: we have unlimited Festival Campsites and will have sites available for you if you arrive any time during the weekend. You can fit 6 people to a site, and are allowed one vehicle.