Hillside Summer Festival 2014

July 25 – 27

Aboriginal Circle


Sacred Fire

Sacred Fire Opening Ceremony Friday 7pm
Sacred Fire Closing Ceremony Sunday 7 pm

For centuries, people have gathered around Sacred Fires to pray into burning tobacco, one of the four sacred Medicines of Anishnaabe Peoples. The smoke carries their prayers to the Creator. All are welcome to visit. Absolutely no alcohol or drugs are allowed since this is sacred space. Please do not attend until sober. Chi miigwetch!

Bug Business                                                                         

Amber Holmes                                                                    

Saturday 11 am to noon – Canopy by pathway          

During this hands-on workshop, children between the ages of three to six years-old will learn about the awesome world of bugs. Using songs and stories, children will learn about the different jobs bugs have, participate in a creepy-crawly craft, and discover how bees communicate by learning the waggle dance. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share (Three Permaculture Ethics)         

Alisha Arnold Cino                                                                              

Saturday 11 am to noon – Tipi

Come explore the three Permaculture Ethics: Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share.  We will examine the interconnectedness of life through discussion, exercises, and short meditations.  And we will focus mainly on the ideas that we are part of the earth, not separate from it, and that in order to care for and heal Her, we must look at healing and caring for ourselves.

Drum making Demonstration – Canopy by pathway                              

John Somosi                                                                                      

Saturday noon to 1 pm

John has many years of experience making traditional frame hand drums, which he will share with you in this demonstration. Feel free to ask questions.  

Wiiji Numgumook Kwe Drum Circle – Sacred Fire                           

Saturday 1 to 2 pm                                                                                 

Sunday 4 to 5 pm

Members of the Wiiji Numgumook Kwe, Guelph women’s drum circle, will lead this circle for women at the Sacred Fire. Share in the drum teachings, as well as traditional and contemporary drum songs. All women are invited to join this circle!

Carrying Your Personal Medicines – Canopy by pathway               

Kathryn Edgecombe                                                                       

Saturday 2 to 3 pm

Medicine is anything that supports your spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental well-being. Join Kathryn to create a medicine pouch specifically for you. Register at the Aboriginal Circle, as space is limited to 15 people. Children under 13 years of age will need adult supervision.

Beaded Fringe Workshop  - Canopy by Pathway                               

Joanne Raymond                                                                                

Saturday 2 to 3 pm                                                                                

Sunday 2 to 3 pm

Participants in this workshop will learn how to string beaded fringe onto a fabric pouch.  Joanne will guide you step-by-step, as she discusses ways to add patterns in colours and designs. Due to the nature of this workshop, it is limited to 10 participants per session. Please register at the Aboriginal Circle.

Reclaiming Your Personal Power Circle – Tipi                                        

Lois MacDonald and Jan Sherman                                                   

Saturday 3 to 4 pm

Life in the 21st century often leaves us whirling with a sense of having no personal power.  Join Lois and Jan to explore exactly what personal power is, from a traditional First Nations’ perspective, and ways that you can reclaim it for the greater good of all.  

Métis Finger Weaving Bracelet – Canopy by pathway                       

Jennifer Parkinson                                                                             

Saturday 4 to 5 pm

Participants in this Circle will learn basic Métis Finger Weaving. Finger weaving pre-dates the modern loom. Women originally made the Métis Sash with finger weaving techniques. Each family had its own colours and designs. Learn more about this amazing skill while making your own bracelet. Register for this Circle at the Aboriginal Circle since it is limited to 12 participants. Participants under 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Men’s Drum Circle – Sacred Fire                                                    

Saturday 4 to 5 pm                                                                                

Sunday 11 am to noon

Members of the Aboriginal Circle invite all men to join them to learn about the drum and to sing some drum songs.

Women’s Sunrise Ceremony -- Sacred Fire                                      

Sunday 6 am

Grandmothers from the Aboriginal Circle invite women who are camping on the island to join them for a ceremony to welcome the day, and to give thanks for a beautiful Hillside weekend. Please arrive at the Sacred Fire by 5:45 am so the ceremony can begin promptly at 6 am.

Drumming Our Spirit                                                                         

Children’s Drum Circle – Canopy by pathway                                                    

Jan Sherman                                                                                                                                   

Sunday noon to 1 pm

Jan will lead girls and boys in a fun circle where they will participate in traditional hand drumming of songs they already carry in their hearts, and new songs to make their spirits soar. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Tree of Life – Tipi                                                                               

Lois MacDonald                                                             

Sunday 1 to 2 pm

Branch out. Blossom. In this unique experience, reflect on your sacred identity, and personal journey along your life path.  Join Lois, who, on her own spiritual journey, is sharing the gifts of life.

Traditional Parent – Tipi 

Jan Sherman 

Sunday 2 to 3 pm

The Ancestors understood how important it is to honour the unique spirit of each child as a sacred gift from Creator. Jan will share perspectives on and techniques used by First Nations’ parents in this Circle.

Life Lessons in a Traditional World - Tipi 

Cynthia Hoy, Jes Smith and  Nick Mann 

Sunday 3 to 4 pm

A traditional Sharing Circle carries the intention to offer opportunities to have a voice, as well as to gather teachings. This Circle will focus on personal life lessons that have been learned by following a traditional First Nations, Métis or Inuit path in the 21st century. 

Community Drum Circle – Sacred Fire Circle 

Sunday 6 to 7 pm

Raise your voices and help create a balance of feminine and masculine energies with drummers of all ages in preparation for the Closing Ceremony of the Sacred Fire.  Everyone is welcome.