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With the ingenuity of our volunteers and the support of our believers, Hillside has stayed true to its grassroots, keeping creativity, love, equality and environmentalism as our guiding values. Help us stay strong, respected, open, and green by making a donation. You'll not only support our outreach projects and environmental initiatives but also the entire organization's efforts to promote peacemaking, originality, and the generous embrace of all people and great music.

Female guitarist performing on stage

Girls & Guitars – Encourage a girl. Make her believe.

About 70% of the music industry’s performers, executives, critics, agents and managers are male—a gender imbalance that our Girls & Guitars program seeks to redress through three channels: in-the-schools workshops; on-stage performances; and songwriting workshops.

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A group of volunteers at the Youth Showcase

Youth Showcase – Turn on a microphone. Build a Future.

Help young people be heard! Our Youth Showcase gathers promising talent making noise in schools, garages, gymnasia, and theatres in our city and puts them on stage before a large and appreciative audience. We teach young people about stage presence, technical production, collegiality and expected backstage behavior, giving them their first foray into professional dealings with presenters.

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Silhouette of the Hillside logo on a tipi

Aboriginal Circle – Commit to education. Commit to peace.

For over 16 years, the Aboriginal Circle of our summer festival has offered drumming, healing workshops, arts and crafts activities and an atmosphere of inclusiveness and celebration that has become a constitutive part of Hillside. Storytelling sessions unfold the myths and stories that birthed the rituals of the drum and give meaning to the music.

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Stacks of reusable dishes waiting to be washed

Green Initiatives – Plant courage. Harness hope.

For over 20 years, we’ve been washing all our dishes, running buses from downtown out to the Island, and digging compost holes right into the land on which we celebrate. Nine areas of the festival operate with award-winning initiatives: hospitality, transportation, power, programming, water, promotion, waste management, technical production, and site infrastructure.

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